Rental Info

Milford Music Center School Instrument Rental Program

Milford Music Center is a proud affiliate of K&S Music, Inc, Berkeley Heights, NJ, and an authorized dealer for RS Berkeley Musical Instruments and their brands.


Reasons To Rent From Milford Music Center:



Simple 3-step process

  1. Visit Milford Music Center
  2. Complete your rental agreement
  3. Take home your instrument



  • Highly competitive rates (Do the math – Compare our 10 month plan with our competition and see for yourself) – Band Instrument Rates and Orchestra Instrument Rates
  • Build equity towards the purchase of your instrument with each rental payment
  • 50% Discount if purchased during first year of rental (25% Discount thereafter)
  • All rates include rental fee, maintenance fee, insurance and sales tax
  • Loaner instruments available when needed
  • Rentals may be returned without obligation – No finance charges



  • Top quality educator approved brand name instruments
  • Step-up / Intermediate level instruments available



  • Open Monday thru Saturday – NO waiting for weekly school visits for assistance
  • Conveniently located on Route 6 and 209 between Milford and Matamoras, PA



  • Courteous and knowledgeable staff
  • We explain the pros, cons and options related to renting an instrument
  • Extensive selection of instruments, accessories and supplies
  • Instrument evaluation, service and repairs available
  • Locally owned independent business supporting our local economy and paying local taxes
  • Actively involved in the community
  • Private Lessons, Master Classes and Clinics available thru Milford School of Music


RS Berkeley Musical Instruments includes the following brands:

Erwin Otto Strings

Meisel Stringed Instruments

Mozart From Meisel

Spitfire (Meisel Electric Violins)

Regina Carter Violin Collection

RS Berkeley

Volare Flutes

La Beau Clarinets

Virtuoso Saxophones

Simmonet (Oboes & English Horns)

Legends Series Mouthpieces (Brass & Woodwind)

Lescana Reeds